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Control the lights of Alienware computers under GNU/Linux systems.

Graphical Interphase

AKBL is a software to control the lights of Alienware computers (The keyboard, the logo, the speakers, etc..).

It is designed to be easy and comfortable to use and its graphical interface will allow you to easily create, delete and modify profiles.

Also, thanks to the options menu you will be able to customize the GUI and the default behavior of the program.

akbl options
akbl gui

Python Bindings

The Python bindings allow to modify the computer lights by using other programs signals.

Some examples are to modify the colors when receiving an email, when monitoring things like the weather or the CPU temperature.


import time
import random 
from AKBL.Bindings import Bindings
r = lambda: random.randint(0,255)

while True:

    # Generate a random hex color
    random_hex_color='#%02X%02X%02X' % (r(),r(),r())    

    # Set the color in mode fixed
    AKBLConnection.set_colors('fixed', 100, random_hex_color)

    # Wait 2 seconds
Alienware M14XR1 ArchLinux XFCE4

Default Commands

The program comes with some default commands for those who doesn't know about programming. These commands can be easily added to hotkeys.


    akbl <option>


    --change                          Change the computer lights on/off.
    --on                              Turn on the computer lights.
    --off                             Turn off the computer lights.
    --set-profile <profile_name>      Turn on the selected profile.
    --model-chooser                   Start the model chooser.    
    --start-indicator                 Start the indicator.
    --start-daemon                    Start the daemon.
    --daemon-is-on                    Return weather the daemon is running or not.
    --block-testing                   Display the block testing window.   
    -h, --help                        Display this dialog.
    -v, --version                     Display the software version.  
    -l, --license                     Display the software license.

 *If no option is introduced the graphical interface is launched.

System Tray Indicator

To finish, the software also has a system tray indicator. It allows starting the GUI, turning the lights On/Off, and choosing profiles.

By default it is not enabled, but it can be added to the start session of a user with the command akbl --start-indicator

Under the XFCE environment this can be done over Settings > Session and Startup > Application AutoStart

computer settings
akbl indicator