This software is the work of libre software hakers of the GNU/Linux community. It do not depends of any corporation and its code is licensed GPL3.


  • Rafael Senties Martinelli

AKBL is a software based on PyAlienFX. I mostly created new Add-ons, improved the software architecture, removed all the privative content, and fixed some bugs. Now days AKBL is like 98% different from pyAlienFX but the code/concept that allows communicating with the hardware stills the same.


  • Ledjfou125
  • LightHash
  • Corp
  • Niai

As far as I know pyAlienFX is not maintained anymore. They made work the project for some years and at the start they got inspired from AlienFX lite.

AlienFX Lite

  • Wattos

I have no information about AlienFX Lite, but in any case Wattos was the first hacker to understand the USB communication and to make some code to work with. Definitely the most important work since DELL engineers have never help us.